dōTERRA Veráge® Skin Care Collection

dōTERRA Veráge® Skin Care Collection

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Verage is an exclusive collection of natural skin care products that nourish your skin, helping to reduce the visible signs of aging while also promoting smooth, supple skin. The advanced plant technology used in Verage promotes an optimal lipid balance—the same balance found in healthy, youthful-looking skin. Each product is composed of true gifts from the Earth: nourishing plant extracts, pure and potent essential oils, and select natural ingredients. The Verage Skin Care Collection delivers benefits your skin will love, naturally.​

Primary Benefits

  • Smooths skin texture​.
  • Reduces appearance of wrinkles​.
  • Minimizes the appearance of mechanical creasing.
  • Minimizes pore appearance​.
  • Evens tone​.

Kit Contents

  • Verage Cleanser​ - Healthy, smooth skin begins with Veráge Cleanser. This natural gel cleanser purifies skin for a fresh, youthful-looking complexion.​
  • Verage Toner​ - Verage Toner combines CPTG® essential oils with nourishing plant extracts to promote the appearance of tightened, toned, and smooth skin—anytime, anywhere. This hydrating toner fortifies and refreshes the skin while invigorating the senses for an energizing boost and a glowing complexion.​
  • Verage Immortelle® Hydrating Serum​ - Experience the age-defying effects of Verage Immortelle Hydrating Serum. This powerful formula combines CPTG essential oils with plant extracts for smoother, more youthfullooking skin. ​
  • Verage Moisturizer​ - Verage Moisturizer combines CPTG essential oils with plant extracts for natural hydration and skin nourishment. This light, non-greasy moisturizer absorbs quickly but hydrates deeply, helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a smooth, even complexion.